1. Glitter Lips?

For performance yes! For photoshoots nope!


  1. Dance shoes or stilettos? 

Dance shoes for stage, Stilettos for photos.


  1. Enter with music or start on-stage? 

Depends on the act!


  1. Bumps, Grinds, Shakes or Shimmies? 

All of the above!


  1. Dermablend or Sally Hansen? 



  1. To wig or not to wig? 

My hair is so long now, if I do my vintage hair it’s usually a wig!


  1. Three words that describe you: 

I’ve been described as The Sweetest Burlesque Baddie


  1. Favorite Body Part? 



  1. Last thing you do before the curtain opens? 



  1. Dressing room must have? 

I don’t need much in a dressing room, but a chair to sit on is always nice 🙂 




  1. What was your introduction to burlesque? 

I was always a collector of vintage decor, so when I would research vintage things Dita Von Teese’s images would always pop up. I never fully grasped what she did until I went to see one of her shows in San Francisco. From then on I knew THAT is what I wanted to do.


  1. When did you know you had what it took?
    I never knew if I had what it took, but from the beginning I always told myself “I’m going to thrive in burlesque, this is what I’m going to do for my living”. I’ve always lived with the mindset you can do anything if you just keep working hard and pushing towards your goal.


  2. Who is your inspiration?
    My friend and Burlesque Legend, the late Coby Yee. Coby was a Burlesque Dancer, Fashion Designer & the Boss Lady of SF’s Chinatowns Forbidden City. She started dancing in the 1940’s and since then has paved the way for myself and so many other Asian Burlesque Performers.


  3. Assuming it doesn’t say Frankie Fictitious on your birth certificate, where did your stage name come from? 

I didn’t realize it at first but I think I named myself after my grandpa whose name is Franklin, but his friends called him Franky for short!


  1. What percentage of Frankie Fictitious would we see if we ran into you at the grocery store?
    The only way you’d be able to tell it was me is because I’d either be wearing all animal print or a matching sweatsuit.


  2. What is your signature move?
    Hmm..I’ve been told I always do this thing where I stick my tongue out and lick my teeth! But I also do a lot of backbends!


  3. What is your favorite costume piece of all time?
    My favorite costume piece is always whatever my newest costume is!


  4. What is your most embarrassing on-stage mishap?
    Hmm..probably whenever I fall all the way on to my butt or back and I’m looking at the ceiling. But I wouldn’t say it’s horribly embarrassing, it happens!


  5. What was the best performance of your career so far?
    My favorite performance was when I won Miss Exotic World at Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2019


  6. What is your favorite venue?
    I love any venue that has good lighting, a stage & curtains, or even a venue that has a fun bar to dance on!


  7. How much do you ACTUALLY work out?
    I used to do a lot of rock climbing and yoga, but since I started burlesque my workout has been rehearsing and performing!


  8. Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to other performers?
    I just want people to celebrate & uplift one another.


  9. Have you ever dated a fan? 

I have not.


  1. What is the strangest gift you ever got from a fan?
    I wouldn’t call any of the gifts I’ve received strange!


  2. Do you have any pre-show rituals?
    Not really, besides making sure I’m ready for the stage!


  3. If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
    I would love it if Burlesque was more sustainable for performers to make a living off of.


  4. If you could give one piece of advice to a newbie, what would it be?
    Work hard and if people are discouraging you or don’t support your style of burlesque…prove them wrong!!


  5. What would you be doing if it wasn’t burlesque?
    I think i’d want to get into interior designing or fashion design!


  6. What would you like to be remembered for?
    I would like to be remembered as an artist who inspired others to create, perform, and live life with confidence.


To keep up with Frankie, follow her on instagram @frankiefictitious and visit her website here: Frankie Fictitious: Burlesque | United States



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