SEEING STARS with Bertha Stone

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18)


Ah, Aquarius, how you ebb & flow.  Zig & zag.  Bob & weave. (not to be confused with my hair salon, Bob and Weave)  Hone your idealism.  Master a new talent.  Practice makes perfection.  If you’re an intellectual Aquarius perhaps take up Swahili or rocket science.  But if you’re not the brightest bulb on the vanity mirror, try thumb-twiddling or walking-while-chewing gum. 


Hello Starlets,

This month there is a marvelous burlesque show in Aquarius, and it is absolutely star-studded! Hosted by Jupiter, and starring Saturn on hoops with Venus on silks. Stage-kittening the event is that adorable neatnik, asteroid Pallas. 

Mid-February, Taurus & Uranus perform their hilarious baggy-pants comedy routine. And one week later, who hits the stage? Everybody’s favorite go-go boy, Mercury, here to lose his tunic! 

As with any burlesque show, this interplanetary tease may leave you feeling a little frisky. But heed my warning, Starlets. Unzipping the wrong pair of palazzos is tantamount to opening Pandora’s box. Take my advice. Cross your legs, cross your T’s and cross your fingers. In short: Enjoy yourself! Just not too much.


Celestially Yours,



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