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Name: FrontRowPaul


Location: Indiana USA


How long have you been a fan of burlesque? 

12 years

 When did you know you had crossed the line from “appreciative” to “super fan”? 

 I don’t know I ever knew I was considered a super fan until I was recognized on the 21st Century Burlesque Non-performer list. I was still just a fan in my mind that wanted to be there to support the performers and show my extreme love and appreciation for their talent and hard work. I never expected to be recognized for something that I love so much. 

 What or who first turned you on to burlesque? 

 My best friend Angie. We all went to the White Rabbit Cabaret for a variety show that had a few burlesque routines and modern dance. After I went to the show I was hooked. It felt like home to me. I felt accepted and I couldn’t wait to see more shows.

 What is your favorite hometown venue and why? 

 The White Rabbit Cabaret. The venue is perfection. From the stage and lights to the staff. It’s a magical venue with the best owners ever. I could never say enough about how special this venue is. 

 Do you have a regular table/seat? What makes it special? 

 It’s a great question. I sit at the front center table. I have always wanted to be first in line to all shows over the years. I would even show up 4 hours in the dead of winter and stand if that is what it took to sit at the center table or front center chair. I always want to be up close so I can show my love and support. What makes it special? Every time I am at a show it’s special and sitting in the front row is always an honor to me or anytime I have a reserved chair or table.

What’s your libation of choice? 

 Dark non-spiced Rum and Coke. The Rabbit serves a drink called the “Frontrowpaul” during my Burlesque Bonanza shows. That’s my favorite.

 What was your most memorable night of burlesque? 

 Every night is memorable, always. It would be hard to pick the most memorable one because I have so many! So, I will just make a small list.

1. Jeez Loueez naming me “FrontRowPaul” at a Jeezy Juke Joint.

2. The night I met Boo Bess.

3. Sitting in the bathtub at the Bathtub Gin. 

4. Spending the evening with Scotty the Blue Bunny.

5. My first Burlesque Bonanza show.

6. Meeting Holly Hock. The first burlesque performer I ever met.

7. Watching the queen be crowned over the years.

8. Handing over the keys to a car I built for Jeez on stage.

9. Seeing Dirty Martini performing in my Burlesque Bonanza show. 

10. Going out to eat at a Thai restaurant with Dirty Martini, Medianoche, Gigi Bonbon, and Apathy Angel.

11. Having a Burlesque Bonanza show in New Orleans and working with Bella Blue.

12. Being pulled on stage multiple times with various performers. 

13. Meeting performers from Australia and spending time together.

14. Seeing the Support Burlesque Shirts all over the world and when you go to a show seeing someone wearing them. It warms my heart so much.

15. Being a Judge at the Shimmy Showdown.

And so many many more. There really isn’t a list I will ever be able to pick that says this is the most memorable so hopefully these give you a smile. I could go on for a long time.


What is the most exhilarating element for you? The costumes? The skills? The skin?

It’s all exhilarating to me from the moment I walk into the venue. I can’t wait to see all my friends and share love and hugs. Waiting for each performer to come out is so exciting. I can’t wait to see what they are going to do.  I love to see all performers and watch the beauty, hard work, and skill of every performer/performance. 

 Have you ever dated a performer? 


 Do you generally go with friends? Or fly solo? 

 It just depends on the location. When out-of-state performers will sit with us or I’ll sit with newly met friends. 

 Do you travel specifically for burlesque? 

 Yes always. We have been known to travel multiple states in three days just to see all the shows. We have flown to see shows as a surprise for a quick weekend getaway. When we traveled to New York, we planned every stop around a burlesque show. Same as we went to Florida, California, and Nevada. 

Do you ever NOT tip? Why? 

I can’t think of any reason to not tip or buy merchandise. I even tip performers at my own shows.

 Have you ever introduced someone to burlesque and it didn’t go well? 

 I can’t think of anyone. I have the greatest support with my family and friends. I love to invite people that have never heard of burlesque and see their life change.

 Have you ever performed yourself? Or wanted to? 

 No, I haven’t ever, but I don’t think anyone would want me too!! It’s not to say I won’t be a part of something in the future so stay tuned. 

 If you were a performer, what would your burlesque name be?

 For sure it would be FrontRowPaul!

 If you were curating your ideal evening of burlesque, who would perform? No time or geographic boundaries…go wild!

 My dreams of an ideal perfect evening of burlesque has already come true—producing the Burlesque Bonanza! I get to relive it every time I put together a cast for the next show. If I picked a future dream place to bring the Bonanza it would be Australia or on a stage in Vegas. Is there a burlesque super fan who deserves a moment in the spotlight? Send your nominee to for their chance to shine!


All images courtesy of FrontRowPaul. Follow his adventures at Frontrowpaul (@frontrowpaul_


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